Corpore et Anima (In Body and Soul): Musica Secreta and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For many years, Deborah and Laurie had a pipe dream of creating a programme around motets about breasts – specifically to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research and support. Finally, we have taken steps to start realising that dream, with a series of videos/recordings that we will be releasing monthly between October 2023 (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and February 2024 (4 February is World Cancer Awareness Day). Eventually we want these to be a programme and album, Corpore et anima, In Body and Soul.

Each track will be released on Bandcamp on a pay-what-you-wish basis, but mostly if you like the music we want you to donate to one or both of two cancer charities (IMPORTANT: please use the code CEA as part of your donation reference):

Breast Cancer Now is a dedicated breast cancer charity – their fundraising this month is focussed on secondary breast cancers.

METUP UK is a patient advocacy group dedicated to issues related to secondary/metastatic breast cancer.

The first track up is William Byrd’s “O gloriosa Domina.”  You can download the track from our Bandcamp store and watch the video on YouTube.