2023 Christmas single – O magnum mysterium


A red Santa hat with white fur trim hangs over a green folder. The folder is on a large lectern, and it stands in front of a wall bookcase.On Friday we release our second digital Christmas single, O magnum mysterium – it’s Bandcamp Friday again, and 100% of sales will come to us directly. The single has two tracks and a bonus: Cristobál de Morales, “O magnum mysterium”: Josquin des Prez, “Alma redemptoris Mater”; and November’s Corpore et anima track, Marc’Antonio Ingegneri’s “Beata viscera Mariae virginis.”
If you can’t wait until Friday to hear the tracks, we have put the full videos of our recording session up on YouTube in a Christmas in the Convent playlist with our single from last year.

And set a reminder and head over to Musica Secreta on Bandcamp from 0800 GMT (0700 CET/ 0300 EST/ 0000 PST) on Friday 1 December and celebrate with us!