Claire Williams, our new Ensemble Director

As a group, we are committed to working collectively – everyone pitches in to make sure recordings and performances go smoothly. But we felt it was time to acknowledge that very often the labour of setting tempi, getting everyone in on the right note, keeping things on track, and making in-the-moment musical decisions falls on the shoulders of our wonderful organist, Claire Williams.  She works especially hard during recordings when Laurie is in another room sitting with our producer, David, listening to every take. So we’ve given her role a title, and from now on Claire will be our Ensemble Director.

Claire says, “I’m absolutely thrilled to be stepping up to the role of Ensemble Director for Musica Secreta!  I’ve been the keyboard player since the 2009 Sacred Hearts, Secret Music recording and subsequent tour.  The music was a complete revelation to me, and I totally fell in love with the unique sound.

Hand on heart, these women are an incredibly important group in my life, and I learn so much from each of them.  I adore working with them all, and I’m honoured that they have put their trust in me.”

Photo: Nick Rutter