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We could not research or make music without the generous support of grant-making bodies and individuals from all over the world. We are so grateful for the funds and for the confidence that you have in us!

We are a UK-registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), so we can claim Gift Aid on donations from UK taxpayers.

Institutional support

Our institutional supporters have given to specific projects, including Lucrezia Borgia’s Daughter, From Darkness Into Light, and most recently, Mother, Sister, Daughter.

Crowdfunding supporters

We are also grateful to our crowdfunding supporters who have given so generously.

Mother, Sister, Daughter supporters

Patrick Allies
Samantha Bassler
Neil Bellingham
Bob Buhr
John Carroll
Katy Cooper
Kieran Cooper
Adrian Cope
Rebecca Cypess
Michele de Courcy
Jeffrey Dean
Andrew Dellantonio
Andrew Dellantonio
Adrian Dolby
Cathy Ann Elias
Paul M Elliott
Mhairi Ellis
Dianne Ely
Martha Feldman
Caroline Gill
Louisa Green
William Hare
Ros Hay
Rui Huang
Lesia Komorowsky
Natasha Loges
David Marcou
Joanna Marsh
Joanna Marsh Griffiths
Philip McGrath
Noel O’Regan
Owain Park Griffiths
David Piggott
George Richford
Andrea Russell
Paul Schleuse
Candace Smith
Anna Song
Pat Stewart
Ann van Allen-Russell
Stephen Wikner

Nick Boston
Alberto Cavalli
Anna O’Connor
Thomas Schmidt


And all our lovely anonymous donors! Thank you all!

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