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Verbum caro factum est a4 (anon, Biffoli-Sostegni)


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Source: Biffoli-Sostegni manuscript, Brussels, Bibliothèque du Conservatoire Royal, MS 27766

Transposition: at original pitch.

Difficulty: moderate

Length: 03:55 mins.

Editors/copyright: Laurie Stras © 2019.

Perusal score: Watermarked. Please click here.


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Text and translation

Christmas Eve

Verbum caro factum est de virgine Maria.
In hoc anni circulo vita datur saeculo:
nato nobis parvulo de virgine Maria.
O beata foemina, cuius ventris sarcina
Mundi lavat crimina per virginem Maria.
Stella solem protulit, sol salutem contulit,
Nihil tamen abstulit a virgine Maria.

The word is made flesh through the Virgin Mary
At this turning of the year, life is given for ever;
The tiny one is born to us, of the Virgin Mary.
O blessed woman, the burden of whose womb
Washes away the sins of the world, through the Virgin Mary.
A star bore the sun, the sun brought salvation,
Yet nothing was taken from Virgin Mary.