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Niño que hoy nacido has (Soto de Langa)


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  • Basso continuo with figured bass and vocal parts
  • Viol part
  • Audio files with pitch and count-in, in equal temperament and quarter-comma meantone

Voice ranges as in thumbnail (range for bass voice one octave down from alto). More details, perusal score, and audio sample below.

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Source: Il quinto libro delle laudi spirituali a tre & quattro voci del Reverendo P. Francesco Soto, Sacerdote della Congregatione dell’Oratorio (Ferrara: Baldini, 1598)

Transposition: up a tone (with option for upper voices, or two high voices and bass/continuo)

Difficulty: easy

Length: 02:20 mins.

Editors/copyright: Laurie Stras © 2022.

Perusal score: Watermarked. Please click here.


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Text and translation

Niño que hoy nacido has
segun todos dicen de amor moriras.
Mui claro tuser des cubre
y tu divino semblante,
que eres ya perfetto amante
aunque’l ser niño lo incubre.
Dicen que tanto amaras
que herido de amor moriras.

Quando el fuego esta encendido
dentro del pecho y que arde
Es impossible que tarde
de arder tambien el vestido.
Dicen que tanto amaras
Que herido de amor moriras.

Child, that today is born,
everyone says you will die of love.
Very clearly your being shows,
and your divine countenance,
that you are already a perfect lover,
although the child’s body disguises it.
They say that you will love so much,
that wounded by love you will die.

When the fire is lit
inside the breast and it burns,
it is impossible that it will be long
before it burns the garment too.
They say that you will love so much,
that you will die wounded by love.