The metamorphosis of a masterwork: Brumel premiere and CD launch just two weeks away!

We are getting ready for the big reveal!  Next Friday, 25 October 2019, our audience in Brighton will finally be able to hear the Antoine Brumel’s Lamentations of Jeremiah for Good Friday in their glorious entirety: forty-five minutes of searingly beautiful, heart-breaking polyphony.  We will also be performing music from the Biffoli-Sostegni manuscript (pictured here), which was made by the same copyist as the manuscript in which the Brumel work is found.

Brighton Early Music Festival‘s theme this year is “Metamorphosis.”  Brumel’s masterpiece transforms the Old Testament lament for Jerusalem into a proto-oratorio, a dramatic depiction of the Good Friday Passion story.

The concert will feature a short documentary film about the manuscripts which we filmed in Florence a few weeks ago.  We can’t show you that yet, but we can give you a little preview!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be present at the first modern performance of a Renaissance masterwork. You won’t regret you came!