Brumel’s Lamentations: an analytical guide

As we get closer to the release date of From Darkness Into Light, we want to share an essay written by Laurie to accompany the liner notes to the CD. There are only so many words a CD booklet can contain, but we felt there might be some listeners who wanted to know more, or who might find a more in-depth guide to Brumel’s astonishing work.  The essay, Brumel’s Lamentations: an analytical guide, provides some further information about Lamentations settings in general, and about the music and the dramatic structure of Brumel’s Lamentations in particular. The essay is illustrated with score and audio examples, and has a list of further reading for anyone who wants to study even deeper.

We’ll keep you updated about the release, and will be sure to link to any pre-release activity and reviews.

Happy reading!